Kutchenhaus Helps Moben and Home Form Group Customers

Here at Kütchenhaus we have been helping many customers recently, who have been hit by the collapse of Moben Kitchens and Kitchens Direct also known as Home Form Group. Hundreds of customers lost 1.5 million in deposits and almost 453 customers who paid by cash or cheque now look to lose their money.

Because of this, we have stepped forward to offer these customers some help in ensuring that they still get a new kitchen, by speaking to one of our advisors.

One couple who have already felt the benefits are Rebecca Hardy, 33 and her husband, Andrew, 34 who are just two of the unlucky Moben customers. They paid a £5,600 deposit by cheque for a £16,000 kitchen in June.

Norman Parker Kütchenhaus Managing Director said: “After hearing the news that Rebecca and Andrew had lost their substantial deposit on the day Moben went into administration, we understood how frustrated they must have been and felt that given the circumstances, Kütchenhaus could help, especially as the deposit was so large.

“We then got in touch with Rebecca and told her that we would be delighted to offer her a total re-design of her Moben kitchen and we would also honour the £5,600 they had lost. Rebecca then travelled from Norwich to our superstore to go through the Moben kitchen plans they already had that were going to cost £16,000 in total.

During the meeting the Kütchenhaus Head of Design Dal Becic looked at Rebecca’s plans in detail that same day and came up with a new design which worked for her home. Kütchenhaus also decided to charge Rebecca £16,000 minus the deposit, despite the actual final design costing in the region of £20,000.

Rebecca said: “We are delighted that Kütchenhaus have come forward to save the day and we are really grateful as no other kitchen company wanted to know. We are obviously devastated about what happened with Moben and how the situation was handled, however we are thrilled that we will still have our new kitchen and within budget.

“For anyone else seeking advice I would recommend talking to Kütchenhaus as soon as possible, they offered fantastic advice and they came back to me with a brand new kitchen design within 24 hours.”

Kütchenhaus kitchens are built in Germany by the world leader of kitchen manufacturing Nobilia, so the quality is of the highest standard. In addition, Kütchenhaus also got in touch with their suppliers, Natural Stone Surfaces in conjunction with Cosentino for the Granite and CDA who have kindly offered their appliances to ensure Rebecca gets the whole kitchen within her budget.

For anyone who has been hit by Home Form going into administration, we would like to speak to them directly about their situation and offer advice. To speak to an advisor call Kütchenhaus Direct on 0161 855 2743.