Kitchen Island Ideas and Peninsula Tips

Although most customers request an island and understandably so, it can be a slight challenge to the designer in terms of actually fitting the island in, due to lack of space.

Sometimes the best solution is to incorporate a peninsula instead. This has the same effect, yet uses much less space which has made it a popular style choice.

Not everyone has open-space in their home, although those that do reap the benefits it creates like allowing that perfect island solution. We have seen something of a revolution in freestanding pieces over the last year, sparked by the trend towards open plan living.

The buzz phrases of the moment are very much family kitchen, kitchen dining and kitchen living. They all mean the same thing, a room where the cook is no longer serving a sentence in solitary confinement but can enjoy being part of the family, making cooking a social and enjoyable occasion.

All of this means that there needs to be space where friends and family can relax while the cook does their thing. Kitchen walls are tumbling all over Britain, opening the kitchen up to dining rooms, living rooms, drawing rooms and even studies.

Of course this means we need pieces of furniture to harmonise with the masterpiece kitchen so free standing elements now abound whether it is a simple sideboard or a full surround sound media centre.

As the trend for furniture soars, Kütchenhaus have created a range of units, panels, shelves, feature cabinets and lighting solutions all with this in mind. Of course, being the world’s largest manufacturer of rigid fitted kitchens we can do this without compromise, no matter the style, look or colour of kitchen we have a full range of co-ordinating freestanding elements to go with it.

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