Shaker kitchen still a star at Kütchenhaus

The simple shaker kitchen has always been popular and it is still a star at Kütchenhaus thanks to its amazing versatility. Even with our extensive range of fitted kitchens it still looks great in wood, vinyl or lacquer and it suits just about every handle and worktop whether it be modern or traditional, making it a great choice for every home.

Our Elegance kitchen is a great option for example, for those of you wanting something traditional with a modern twist as it has wood mixed with the extremely popular white high gloss.


Shaker kitchens are also a great option for those wanting something classic that will not date.

Did you know thatthe Shaker door is the only door style which has a historical story?

The term Shaker comes from the Quakers who were the ones to create this style of door, it is very simple in its form and consists of one flat centre panel plus four surrounding panels. Everything was and still is simple and straight forward about its form; however over-time manufacturers have added different trims and patterns so now the term Shaker is used a little more loosely.

We have over 15 different styles of Shaker doors, all of which can be mixed with any of our other styles, of which there are hundreds. We also design complimentary furniture too in the same materials as the kitchen, to ensure you can have a truly unique end-look.

View our selection of country-shaker kitchens here.