Handleless kitchens, doors and units

Handleless kitchens are taking the UK market by storm right now and quite rightly so, as the end result is undoubtedly visually stunning.

So it may come as no surprise that here at Kütchenhaus, we offer a range of handleless kitchens in our new 2012 ranges in different colours and styles. Some of the ranges are completely handleless, with a touch-push mechanism which opens the door fronts and some have a hidden grip handle at the top of the door.

One of our most popular ranges is the Pura kitchen, a beautiful white high gloss kitchen which is completely handleless and a real show-stopper. Priced at £7,689 for a typical L shape kitchen including appliances, means that you can have a high quality, handleless kitchens at a very affordable price.

Any of the Kutchenhaus range can be mixed and matched, so you could have a handleless island for example, or a range of handleless units combined with complimentary wood or coloured door fronts. Plus, worktops, worktop heights and furniture can all be designed bespoke for every customer, ensuring that no two kitchens are every the same.