5 tips to avoid a kitchen extension disaster

So often, customers come to Kutchenhaus because they are extending their homes to create their very own, dream open-plan living space, seen every day in magazines and on the TV.  Everyone now aspires to have a kitchen living space, as it can have a positive impact on the way we live in our homes.

However, we feel it is important to think of the kitchen as just as big an investment as the construction work itself. After all what’s the point of undertaking such a huge project, if the kitchen doesn’t match all your expectations?

Here are my 5 kitchen extension tips to avoid a disaster:

1. Look for inspiration

This may sound simple, but look in magazines, on the TV and in kitchen showrooms, ideally with lifestyle room-sets for different kitchens that you like. You may see something you like, that you haven’t seen before, which is just perfect for you.

2. Meet your kitchen designer before you start

All too often we meet customers who have decided to extend their property and want a new kitchen. Great! However, rather than speaking with a skilled kitchen designer prior to starting the building work, they plough ahead and in some cases, actually finish the build. This is not the best way to undertake a kitchen extension as the kitchen plays such a pivotal role in the whole scheme, so you must talk to a designer first. They will see things the builder won’t, plus they will also be able to tell you what is possible with your room dimensions. Have you ever thought about the wiring and where you’d like a socket for your microwave?

3. Make a kitchen wish list

It may sound simple enough, however customers struggle time and again, to understand that they can no longer have an island in their kitchen, as their dimensions or budget will not allow it. By making a list of your ‘must haves’ and ‘would like to haves’ you can avoid making compromises on key areas. Also think about worktops, appliances, flooring and lighting here. If you need to cut costs down later on, this list will help so much through a process of elimination. You may want the granite worktops for example, but the wine fridge can go.

4. Agree your kitchen design before the building plans

As previously mentioned, your kitchen should be as important as the building work so ensure you have everything thought through. It is so much easier to move windows and doors on a design that it is during the build itself.

5. Avoid building work changes

Changes made during the building work also eat into your kitchen budget. Try and avoid this happening so that you don’t have to cut costs down on the kitchen later on. After all, your dream kitchen is the main reason for the extension.

Above all, take the time to think, research and speak to professionals and that dream kitchen living space will be yours!


Get your dream kitchen:

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