Top 10 tips for small kitchens

No room is too small for a fabulous kitchen, all it needs is some cleverly thought through Kitchen ideas to ensure every corner of the room is used, whilst still looking great.

Take a look at my top ten tips on how to make a big kitchen impression in your small space.
1. Check your measurements

The most important thing in any small space that requires a kitchen is to ensure a top kitchen designer looks at the room dimensions first. They will then add in important things like window and door locations, plug sockets and water and boiler points. All these items will determine what space you have and how much needs changing.If you have a strict budget, then getting the design right is crucial if you want to avoid putting errors right later on.

2. Get a good kitchen design

Any good kitchen designer will also think through the different ways you will use your kitchen and how to avoid the usual kitchen blunders. We see the same problems time and again, like doors not opening properly, units which don’t fit, even drawers not fully opening simply due to bad kitchen design. Get a good designer who you can trust and ensure you think about what you want.

3. Choose the right kitchen style

Try to choose a kitchen which is light and bright and ideally has a reflection. With the combination of clever lighting, glass and mirrors, you can make the room seem much more spacious by choosing a pantone which works with the space. We always recommend gloss or high gloss in creams and ivory, as they work in small spaces and always create the wow factor.

4. Avoid clashing colours

Try to avoid clashing colours and too much pattern as these generally work best in larger rooms which can cope with bold design. You don’t want the room to have too many different colours or points of focus. Instead choose something practical and let the accessories do the talking.

5. Focus on storage

Storage should be top of the list when it comes to making a small kitchen space work. Maxi height base units, which are available at Kutchenhaus at no extra cost, increase storage by up to 20%. Combine this across all the units in the kitchen design and it can make quite a difference.

6. Increase your unit height

The general kitchen unit height in the UK today is 720mm; however you can get up to 900mm at some kitchen retailers, without having to pay out a fortune. Always ask about the heights of units and if they come at a standard height, if they do, then shop around. Remember that ‘standard’ isn’t always the cheapest option and it can in-fact suite a small space much better if you can customise your worktop heights accordingly.

7. Reduce the plinth

Always opt to reduce the plinth in small kitchens to avoid wasted space. Again, any reputable retailer will offer you this, so shop around. At Kutchenhaus we can maximise your storage with special drawers in the plinth.

8. Clever Appliances

Appliances have come a long way over the last ten years and any small kitchen has more than its fair share of affordable, high quality appliances available which can really enhance the space. Look into options like the Neff oven with a slide away door, for those who don’t have the room for a conventional oven door for example. Speak to your designer for more options.

9. Consider all design options

If you have always longed for an island in your kitchen but don’t have the space, right it down on your kitchen wish list and speak to your designer. You may be able to have a breakfast bar, or even a pull out table solution which means you can have a separate eating, working area, even in a small kitchen.

10. Prioritise

Lastly, list your priorities and those items you would like to have. Also think about your current kitchen, if you have one and what really annoys you about the space. That way when you get your new kitchen design, you can go through the lists and tick off everything step by step and make the right kitchen compromises if necessary.

To see how you can save space in your kitchen have a look at some real kitchen designs that we’ve produced for Kutchenhaus customers – you may find some design inspiration too!

All the best,