Does size matter? …with Fitted Appliances

Question from Paul in Market Harborough…

Are all built-in appliances the same size?. I’m thinking about a new kitchen but my built in oven and washing machine are fairly new and I’d like to keep them (at least for the foreseeable future).

Most built in appliances produced over the last 10 years do conform to a standard size but it depends on where you get your kitchen as to how well they will fit. If you purchase an “off the shelf” flat pack kitchen then you will almost certainly find a housing to suit your appliances but you may not have the flexibility to choose the working height of your oven or perfect alignment of the doors when they meet the next unit in the run. You may also find that fillers or spacers are used to fill gaps between a kitchen unit door and the appliance.
If you go for a made to order kitchen then you would normally be able to select your ideal working height and guarantee alignment without fillers or spacers.

Naturally a made to order would probably cost more than a flat pack, but the larger continental manufacturers, particularly the Germans now produce kitchens to order at an extremely high volume, so the difference is not as great as it once was. In some cases the difference is almost insignificant especially if you intend to have the kitchen installed by your supplier as there is no assembly time to add to the cost.

All the best,

The Kitchen Guru