Is it worth just swapping cupboard doors?

Question from Karen in Manchester…

Is it worth just changing the worktops and door fronts on my kitchen to give it a new look? There are lots of companies that do this – does it really look like a new kitchen? (Can you supply doors and worktops only?)

Just changing doors and worktops will inevitably cost less but I imagine in would depend upon the age, condition and quality of the cabinets. If your units are already several years old it is likely that they are going to need replacing at some point.

Most manufactures tell me that up to 80% of the cost of a unit is in the door and drawer front so I am dubious as to how much money you would end up saving. The cost of replacing the worktops is going to be the same whether as part of a new kitchen or just replacing the worktops. I think that the ultimate deciding factor will be whether your existing kitchen design and layout suits your needs today. With the explosion in the number and functionality of appliances it seems that everyone wants them in their kitchen today. I think it is unlikely that a kitchen designed even just five years ago would perfectly suit most peoples needs today.

All the best,

The Kitchen Guru