Knocking down walls to extend your kitchen

Question from John in Leeds…

“I’m having a wall knocked down to extend my kitchen into a utility room – and make the kitchen almost twice as big. I want my builder to move the sink, oven and boiler to new positions. He can do this no problem but what are the main issues to look out for with regard to ideal positions? Thanks.”

Assuming that the boiler is to be wall mounted, then the most important thing is to have it positioned at the right height. Doing this will allow the boiler to be disguised by a wall unit boiler housing. You would then need to have it correctly positioned laterally but this can be more flexible and can usually be overcome by the kitchen designer. The height however is critical.

As far as the oven and sink are concerned, although there can be some restrictions created by the location of plumbing, and more importantly waste pipes, these should be located to best suit your needs. The old “working triangle” comes into effect here. A kitchen designer will try to minimise the distance between the key areas of a kitchen and it will be his instinct to create a work flow that minimises the distance travelled during an average days work in the kitchen. In other words the designer will try to avoid situations where the user is walking from one end of the room to the other between say the hob and the sink or the fridge and the working surface etc.

Above all, finalise your choice of kitchen supplier and have your designs fully completed before proceeding with any building works. You could avoid paying twice to have things moved and you will ensure that boilers etc can be located perfectly to suit your preferred kitchen design.

All the best,

The Kitchen Guru