Knocking down a wall? Check your builder out first!

Question from Janis in Hull:
We would like to order a kitchen but need a wall knocking out first.  We live outside Hull: can Kutchenhaus identify builders to undertake this work?

Having walls knocked down to extend or remodel a kitchen is incredibly popular at the moment – it follows the recent trends in creating large family rooms and is usually a lot cheaper than moving home, and I’m delighted that you’re considering both the building work and the kitchen solution with equal early priority.

You will need to establish the feasibility of knocking down the wall. If the wall is load bearing then it may be that the cost of doing this outweighs the benefit gained in the kitchen.

I would suggest that it would be best to first establish what will be gained by knocking the wall down as opposed to simply having your existing kitchen space re-modelled to make full use of the current room.

Why not have 2 kitchen designs created to see what is achievable for both scenarios?, then you can make the first decision – ‘do I really want to knock this wall down?’

Sourcing the best builder or surveyor is best done by the properly recognised body controlling that industry or profession. I would always recommend that any proposed structural work should first be examined and approved by a qualified surveyor before any decisions are made. R.I.C.S can help you in finding the right person, with the correct accreditation in your area.

All the best,

The Kitchen Guru