Our new white kitchens for 2013

Kutchenhaus’s white kitchens range is one of our most popular and we offer over 30 shades of white, cream and grey. With practically unlimited options for customisation, each white and neutral kitchen is as unique as its owner – whether you favour a minimalist high-gloss kitchen with contrasting black laminate surfaces, or a more traditional shaker-style matt finish with butcherblock worktops.

Here are some of the brand new neutral and white kitchens in Kutchenhaus’s 2013 range, showing the enormous potential for making your white kitchen truly bespoke. Request a brochure to see more of our 2013 German kitchen range.

Kutchenhaus 2013 white kitchens collection

Duo white matt/Rio dark oak

A white kitchen can create the impression of spaciousness even in a small area, especially when combined with subtle spot lighting. This kitchen uses Kutchenhaus’s Duo cabinet doors, with dark wood worktops providing a striking contrast.

Duo white matt/Rio dark oak white kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Focus lacquer, white ultra-high gloss/Rio Tuscan oak

Combining wood with white gloss can create a kitchen which is both warm and contemporary. Accessories in bold lime and red make this a kitchen to really stop visitors in their tracks.

Focus lacquer, white ultra-high gloss/Rio Tuscan oak white kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Focus lacquer, ivory ultra-high gloss

If you feel pure white will be too cold for your living space, consider a neutral tone such as vanilla or ivory. Here, ivory high-gloss doors help to create an open-plan kitchen which is also a social space.

Focus lacquer, ivory ultra-high gloss ivory kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Smart white matt

With the right choice of doors, handles and worktops, white kitchen designs can combine modernity and tradition. This small, bright kitchen uses our Smart range of doors, with butcherblock worktops adding a warm country feel.

Smart white matt white kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Aviano lacquer, honed white

Here, dark woods and stone floor slabs add visual texture, taking this white kitchen back to nature.

Aviano lacquer, honed white kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Flair lacquer, honed ivory

This ivory shaker-style kitchen makes great use of space, providing plenty of storage in a relatively compact area.

Flair lacquer, honed ivory kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Vero lacquer, honed white

Natural elements such as stone and wood work well with neutral colours. Note the uplighting used on the open shelving, both illuminating the kitchen and drawing attention to the items on display.

Vero lacquer, honed white kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Diamond lacquer, white high gloss

This sparkling kitchen uses a black-on-white colour scheme to create an elegant, understated design.

Diamond lacquer, white high gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus

 Why you might choose a white kitchen

  • It’s a hot design trend. White and neutral colours are very “now”, dahling: perfect for impressing visitors to your home with your on-trend, fashionable new kitchen!
  • The top choice for accessorising. Think of your white kitchen as a blank canvas, ready for you to get creative. White and neutral tones harmonise perfectly with a variety of other styles, from bold, vibrant colours to subtle pastel shades.
  • You want to sell your house. If you are considering selling your home, either now or in the future, it pays to choose a kitchen with broad appeal. White and neutral kitchens look fabulous, make small kitchen spaces appear light and airy and are unlikely to offend even the harshest critic. For an example of how a white kitchen can increase the value of your home and still reflect your own taste, take a look at this design produced by Kutchenhaus for one of our customers, Mrs Astley.
  • You have a small kitchen. Designing for a small kitchen space can be a challenge, but with clever storage options, subtle use of lighting and the right colour and finish choices, you can make a little space appear to go a long way. Our high-gloss white units are perfect for bouncing light around your kitchen, creating an impression of brightness and depth in even the most limited of spaces. For an example of how white units can create the illusion of spaciousness, take a look at this design produced by Kutchenhaus for a small square kitchen.
  • You don’t like cleaning! Well, who does? In the past it was assumed that white kitchens would stain easily and require a lot of cleaning to keep them spic and span, but in modern kitchens this is no longer the case: all Kutchenhaus cabinets come coated in a thin layer of vinyl which makes cleaning a doddle. A high-gloss, handleless look is recommended if you want cleaning your new kitchen to be super-quick – a gloss finish will repel liquid and wipe clean in no time at all!

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