Top ten kitchen trends we’ve seen in 2013

There’ve been some interesting developments in the world of kitchen design this year, with an overall move towards cleaner, smoother lines, high-contrast colour schemes and statement items such as oversized light fittings and sculpted cooker hoods. Here we take a look at some of the trends we’ve observed in 2013.

Butler sinks and gooseneck taps

Look out for deep butler-style sinks and touch-operated gooseneck taps in both traditional and contemporary kitchen styles. These deep sinks are perfect for hiding washing up out of sight during a dinner party, and add a lovely rustic feel when paired with traditional cabinet styles. Brass gooseneck taps are the perfect complement to white or cream colour schemes.

Castello Washed Vanilla kitchen from Kutchenhaus

A butler sink and brass gooseneck tap work well with this traditional-style Castello washed vanilla kitchen

Statement cooker hoods

Industrial-style cooker hoods are out and sculpted or geometric hoods are in as homeowners turn this functional item into a bold design statement.

Pura Lacquer, White High Gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus

This Pura lacquer and white high gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus features an attractive cooker hood as a central feature

Bold colour schemes

Bright reds, yellows and blues in high gloss will add a fun, vibrant feel to a kitchen. Mixing and matching can be used to stunning effect, with high-contrast colour palettes creating striking, warm social spaces.

Solo Napoli Red High Gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Solo Napoli Red High Gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Black and white

The one colour scheme that never goes out of style. Pairing light-coloured cabinets with dark floors or work surfaces exudes classy minimalism, and is an excellent choice if you intend to sell your home in the near future as it appeals to all tastes.

Feel Lacquer, Honed White kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Feel lacquer and honed white kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Large light fixtures

Statement light fixtures such as large pendants and chandeliers are the order of the day for tables and islands. Recessed and under-cabinet lighting will provide illumination where it’s needed most, and allow you to control how much or little light your kitchen needs at different times of day. Choose your kitchen lighting with care and this will be a room you’ll always be glad to spend time in.

Arte White High Gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Use large light fittings such as pendant chandeliers to make a statement, as in this Arte white high gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus


Islands and peninsulas have been a standard feature in kitchens for a while now, and they show no sign of going out of fashion. They can create a barrier between the kitchen and a dining or social space, while still allowing your household’s chef to interact with others. Islands also provide valuable extra storage and working space, very convenient in a more compact kitchen.

Chalet Lacquer, Honed Sand from Kutchenhaus

Islands can provide an extra worksurface and divide cooking and dining spaces

Contemporary and traditional style mixing

Why choose just one kitchen style for your home? Mixing traditional and contemporary styles can be very effective, allowing just the right amount of cosy country kitchen atmosphere without appearing too rustic or vintage.

Aviano lacquer, honed white kitchen from Kutchenhaus

This Aviano lacquer and honed white kitchen from Kutchenhaus has rustic exposed beams and stone floor, but retains contemporary cabinetry and worksurfaces

Retro looks

A retro-look kitchen can be achieved using bold colour schemes, large retro-style appliances and milk-bar stools. Don’t be afraid to combine retro features with the contemporary, such as high-gloss handleless cabinets.

Gloss Ivory High Gloss / Rio Dark Oak from Kutchenhaus

Bold purple walls, vintage-style lemon yellow appliances and 70s-feel breakfast bar stools work together to create a retro feel in this Rio ivory and dark oak kitchen

Tiled splashbacks

Tiled or mosaic hob splashbacks add texture and interest. They can work particularly well with retro-style kitchens.

Xeno Anthracite Ultra High Gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus

A dark tiled splashback coupled with off-white cabinetry creates a textured and high-contrast look

Social spaces

Increasingly, kitchens are hang-out spaces as well as functional rooms for food preparation. An island can be one way to create a more social kitchen, dividing the work area from the rest of the room while still allowing interaction, and they can also double as breakfast bars. Adding comfortable seating, rugs and artwork conveys that this is not a single-purpose space.

Vetra Real Glass White High Gloss kitchen from Kutchenhaus

Adding comfy seating and an island divider can help create a social as well as functional kitchen space