Introducing Laser and Laser +

One of the collections most interesting innovations is the new laser-welded edge.

This new technology uses a laser to weld the edging strip to the door rather than glue. The result is a high quality, seamless join that gives the appearance of a single piece.


As well as the obvious aesthetic benefits from such an edge, a seamless join, without the use of glue, makes for better protection against water, steam and physical damage.

The new Laser Range is available in 4 colours, the ever popular Ivory and Sand, and introducing 2 new trendy solid colours to the collection, Premium White and Mineral Grey.

In addition to these colours, there is the new Laser Plus range. Available in Premium White and Mineral Grey, these two colours are married with 2 printed wood decors, Light Oak Plank and Grey Oak Plank to create exciting accents. When combined with matching worktops and panels the final result is a blended, consistent look and feel to the kitchen.