LINE N – The Handleless Kitchen Solution

LINE N is without a doubt the highlight of the new 2014 Collection.

This new Handleless system allows for sleek lines and a minimalistic look.

Because LINE N is a complete handleless system all in itself rather than a door with a handle recessed out, this allows Kutchenhaus to offer LINE N in 13 different fronts, across a broad price spectrum making it affordable for even modest budgets.

Fronts include the high quality lacquer finish or the new perfectly finished laser welded edge doors we looked at last week.

LINE N is not just about the looks, it is also functional too. The ergonomically shaped recessed handles made of anodised aluminium are perfectly positioned on the carcase to enable comfortable access to doors, drawers and pull-outs.

The LINE N range has around 500 different types of kitchen unit, this allows us to treat it like any other Kutchenhaus Range with out any design restrictions and get the layout, look and functionality that YOU want from YOUR Kutchenhaus kitchen.