Whats Trending in 2014?

As we are a couple of months in to the 2014 I thought it would be interesting to see what trends seem to be appearing.

As suspected the handleless look is doing well with both the LINE N Handleless System and pocket doors seeming to be popular.

Pura – Handleless Doors


We have also seen an uptake of Solid Surface worktops, from traditional stone and granite to the newer composite quartz worktops.

Laminate w/tops are still the most popular for our kitchens and are extremely hardwearing and heat resistant due to the rigourous testing and manufacturing processes. They also come in exact matching colours to compliment your Kitchen doors and cabinets.


Flared Oak Carcases, Panels and Worktops


For the younger buyers, bolder and more expressive kitchens are the order of the day. Open kitchens with bright contrasting colours and a lighter feel than darker timbers and more traditional styles and colours. To accomodate this desire, Kutchenhaus has an array of modern doors in varying coloursĀ  and finishes, from Matt to High Gloss and Lacquer. As a final flourish Kutchenhaus also has four Contrasting “Concept Colours”, Petrol Blue, Orange, Curry and Fern, which add an extra dimension to your kitchen.






Petrol Blue