Waste Disposals

Did you know that 20% of household waste in food waste? The majority of which ends up in landfills.

Most households these days have a “green” bin which is collected every two weeks. This is less than ideal as it encourages smells, bacteria and insects.


Waste disposal systems are a solution to this problem, waste food is hygienically and instantly dealt with and flushed away through the drain. At the other end sewage plants filter the food particles out and create fertilizer blocks which then go to farms putting all the waste nutrients back into the production cycle, rather than letting them rot away unused in landfills.

For a long time Insinkerator have been market leaders in waste disposal systems.

For those of you that aren’t exactly sure what is involved with a waste disposal, we will go in to a little bit of detail for you.

They fit easily under any standard sink inline with your existing plumbing.


There are two types, Batch Feed and Continuous Feed.

Batch Feed have the switch built into the “plug” so you have to load it then put the plug in before it will begin to grind the food. Continous Feed can be turned on and fed bits at a time whilst the motor is running.

Insinkerator models don’t use blades or knives but a series of grind plates that reduces any waste down to small manageable particles.

There are a range of models to cover all households from the Top of range Evolution 200 for large families and people who entertain guests regularly to the 45+ for smaller households, there is an Insinkerator model for you. Ask one of our designers in store about the benefits of an Insinkerator Waste Disposal.