Bosch Appliances

As we touched on last time, Kutchenhaus is proud to introduce a new appliance partner – Bosch


Bosch have been manufacturing appliances for over 125 years and are the third largest appliance manufacturer in the world.

They are renowned for top quality appliances featuring all the latest technologies, be it for cooking, cleaning or cooling.

Furthermore, they have just been awarded Superbrand status, joining such companies as Roll-Royce, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Apple.

Here are just a few examples of their products and features…..



The HBG78R950B Oven is a Pyrolytic self cleaning oven, this process heats the interior of the oven to 480 Degrees, reducing any residue to ash which can be wiped away once it has cooled.

It also has a HotAir Eco system which enables you to heat just one shelf of the oven saving energy.




The KIS87AF30G Fridge Freezer comes with a HydroFresh fruit and vegetable box which keeps your fresh goods for upto twice as long due to optimum humidity in the section

It also comes with a A++ rating.




The WAE24369B is the best of both worlds, you can choose a program that takes 65% less time than usual or if time is not important then you can choose a program that uses 50% less energy than standard.


As you can see from this little snippet Bosch are truly brilliant appliances and we at Kutchenhaus are proud to be a trading partner.