How to Decorate Your Home with Colours

Colours are believed to affect a person spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. So choosing the right shade of colour according

to your purpose is vital. Some peoplWoman splashing colorful painte refer to the colour wheel, which was first invented by Sir Isaac Newton in the seventeenth century for decorating their homes.

You can do the same thing. But it isn’t truly necessary to do so. The key question that you should ask yourself is, “What do I want to achieve?” Apart from adding on to the aesthetic beauty of the room, your purpose for decorating the room is important

Purpose: Red is a physical colour that represents warmth and energy. It’s a lively, stimulating and friendly colour. Since it is a warm colour, combining it with a cool colour like blue, green or purple will be great. Use furnishings like red chairs with a light background colour like white, beige or cream.

Purpose: Blue stands for serenity and freshness. It is a soothing colour – the best colour for the mind. A dark blue colour can help to bring about clear thoughts.
Light blue colours like sky blue will help to focus and calm the mind. Use light blue as background colour and combine it with dark coloured furnishings like oak table for balance.
Red couch with carpet blaues Sofa Modern living room interior with green wall
Purpose: Yellow stands for creativity and has to do with a person’s emotions. The right shade of yellow can give a feeling of optimism, confidence and lift your spirits. A very light shade of yellow is fine as base colour on the walls. Think about choosing dark green, purple or blue furnishings for balance.

Purpose: For harmony, balance and rest, nothing beats green especially the green colour of Nature. This shade of green is restful to the eyes.

If you decide to paint your walls with this shade of Sofa and armchairsgreen, then select light coloured furnishings for the room. White, cream, beige, sky blue or light violet is some colours that will blend well with this shade of green.
Purpose: Violet stands for spirituality and meditation. It is believed that the power of meditation is ten times greater in a purple coloured room compared to any other coloured room. So if you are planning to use a particular room for meditation, choose violet or purple as the wall colour.
Purple is also said to be the colour for imagination. So if you want your child to develop his imaginative power, select a purple piece of furniture or paint the walls purple. For furnishings, choose light beige, sky blue, cream or white colours.

Purpose: Orange represents fun and abundance. It stands for enjoyment of physical comforts. Choose bright orange adornments for a fun atmosphere in the room.

Purpose: Pink stands for femininity, the very colour of survival. This soothing colour can be used as a background wall colour. Light pink will go well with dark blue or green colours. Alternatively, you can use pink curtains for a dose of feminine charm.



Purpose: Brown represents Earth and Nature. It is a warm, soft and silently supportive colour. Oak, teak or even synthetic wood furniture would give the dose of brown needed in a room.