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Victorian Warehouse

Nice Victorian Warehouse for the weekend – copyright airbnb


Do you prefer to stay in a clustered hotel room or or a terraced penthouse a great view of the London Eye and the Tower Bridge? Staying at someone’s residence is a perfect way to live life like a local and save some money in the process. With Airbnb short stays, your visit to London is much more enjoyable as you have easy access to tourist destinations and interesting interactions with the host.

A home away from home
ee223b58_originalAirbnb allows you to both book rooms in others’ homes and give out rooms or entire house on rent. You have a wide range of home rentals from single rooms, shared apartments and lofts to luxurious castle rooms and converted warehouses in over 190 locations across the world. While home sharing isn’t for travellers who want typical services provided by hotels, the comfort seeking tourist would love the privacy, quiet and peace of a furnished home base.

Shared and private rooms in London
Friends, families with kids and tour groups benefit from booking an entire house or apartment as they get to live under one roof, cook and share meals, and explore London together. If you are travelling alone, book shared rooms in an apartment. Most of these homes come with modern amenities in addition to clean, spacious and well-furnished rooms. From economical rooms to luxurious apartments and private homes, Airbnb in London has a good mix of rental accommodation to suit your special needs.


Most expensive flats in London – copyright airbnb