A Family Day at the Dorset Seafood Festival

Come to the Seafood Festival this weekend –
11th and 12th July 2015

Britain’s coastal waters are home to some of the finest seafood in the world, but sad to say much of the catch is sent overseas as Britons don’t seem to appreciate it with the fervour of our continental cousins. The Dorset Seafood Festival is out to change all that by showcasing the excellent seafood we have on our doorstep, providing a fun, informative, and above all tasty day out for all the family.

seafood festival

What is the Dorset Seafood Festival?

Centred around the picturesque 17th century Weymouth Harbour, the festival is a celebration of British seafood and local fishing heritage. It not only aims to broaden the nation’s tastes in seafood, bringing lesser known varieties into the spotlight, but to educate and bring an understanding of the importance of conservation and sustainability. All this is done with a definite emphasis on delicious food and fun activities rather than dry science and worthy lectures.

What’s on the Menu?

Nearly a hundred stalls will be clustering around the harbour, offering seafood delights from champagne and oysters to spicy Asian fish curries. Youngsters with less adventurous palates may be tempted by fish-burgers or good old British fish and chips – all sustainably fished, of course.

Weymouth has some of the best fish restaurants in the country, and many of the kitchens will be taking a trip to the harbour-side to show off their prowess, while a ‘pop up’ restaurant will serve lobster thermidor, shellfish platters, and local Weymouth crab salad, all washed down with a selection of champagnes and fine wines.

seafood festival_2

What Else Is There to Do?

The British seaside just wouldn’t be the same for kids without a serious crabbing session, so one will of course be organised, and there will be many other child-friendly activities provided from face painting to games and competitions with a seafood theme. Adults can enjoy cooking demonstrations from the likes of River Cottage’s Gill Meller, showing new ways to prepare and enjoy seafood and hopefully some novel new species to try. There is also a chance to learn the art of fish filleting – it’s easier than you think, and will save you money while helping you zero in freshest of the catch on the fish counter by only buying whole fish.

If you’re a fan of British seafood and want to learn more about how to cook it, and how to support the fishing industry and help preserve it for the future, then a trip to the Dorset Seafood Festival is a must – and if one of your family has yet to appreciate the delights that seafood has to offer the palate, then this is your perfect chance to put that right!