At Kutchenhaus we have Fronts made to meet your highest standards. German products are renowned for their quality and reliability. Because Kutchenhaus is owned by nobilia, the world’s largest kitchen manufacturer, quality is one of the key points of all our products. To us, quality is the silver lining to every step, be it in planning, order processing, production or customer service. Every kitchen we deliver contains the utmost precision from start to finish.
168 Lacquer, honed alpine white
171 Lacquer, honed satin grey
173 Lacquer, honed white
175 Lacquer, honed ivory
206 Ivory softmatt, stepped edge
216 Lacquered laminate, brushed steel reproduction
239 White softmatt, stepped edge
241 Maize Yellow
244 Alpine white, stepped edge
248 Fern
254 Aqua
257 Sage
259 Satin grey, stepped edge
262 Virginia oak reproduction
265 Rusty plates reproduction
266 Caledonia
268 Havellend oak reproduction
272 Timber oak reproduction
273 Carrara marble reproduction
274 Teramo marble reproduction
281 Ceramic grey reproduction
288 Black Concrete reproduction
303 Grey slate reproduction
304 Stone grey slate reproduction
332 Lacqu.laminate,alpine white su
334 Lacqu.laminate, slate grey sup
336 Lacquered laminate,ivory super
337 Lacqu.laminate, aqua supermatt
338 Lacqu.laminate, satin grey sup
340 Lacqu.laminate,black supermatt
341 Lacquered laminate, stone grey supermatt
355 Ferro bronze décor
400 Gladstone oak reproduction
401 Sherwood oak reproduction
402 Havana oak reproduction
413 Mineral grey
415 Sand
416 White
417 Satin grey
418 Ivory matt
424 Lacquer, honed ivory
427 Alpine white
450 Lacqu.laminate,white high glos
452 Lacqu.laminate,ivory high glos
455 Lacqu.laminate, satin grey hg
460 Lacquer,white ultra high gloss
462 Lacquer,ivory ultra high gloss
465 Lacq., mineral grey ultra HG
467 Lacquer, sand ultra high gloss
470 Lacquer, alpine white ultra HG
503 Lacquered laminate, alpine white high gloss
551 Lacquer, honed alpine white
666 Virginia oak reproduction
698 Oak Provence reproduction
766 Lacquered laminate, Sav(discon
814 Lacquer, white high gloss
816 Lacquer, ivory high gloss
817 Lacquer, alpine white high glo
819 Lacquer, satin grey high gloss
823 Lacquer, slate grey high gloss
834 Lacquer, white high gloss
838 Lacquer, sand high gloss
887 Somerset oak reproduction
888 Dakota oak reproduction
889 Concrete Slate Grey reproduct.
891 White Concrete reproduction
892 Concrete grey reproduction
893 Sanremo oak reproduction
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