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Niche claddings with motifs are a stylish and practical way to highlight niches. 21 different digitally printed motifs are available to help you create targeted custom accents in the kitchen. Typical kitchen motifs, tiles, mosaic and stone wall décors or motifs with an industrial feel – it’s your choice. For a perfect colour match with the fronts and accent colours of the kitchen, the motifs can be additionally coordinated in six different base colours.
Metal art décor - 226 Metal art décor
Maize Yellow - 241 Maize Yellow
Rusty plates reproduction - 265 Rusty plates reproduction
Carrara marble reproduction - 273 Carrara marble reproduction
Black granite décor - 344 Black granite décor
White Concrete reproduction - 353 White Concrete reproduction
Stone grey slate reproduction - 369 Stone grey slate reproduction
Grey slate reproduction - 373 Grey slate reproduction
Limestone reproduction - 376 Limestone reproduction
Somerset oak reproduction - 379 Somerset oak reproduction
Décor flower design - 435 Décor flower design
Décor bottle design - 441 Décor bottle design
Décor Beach - 448 Décor Beach
Satin grey high gloss - 455 Satin grey high gloss
Décor Floral Grey - 523 Décor Floral Grey
Décor Patchwork - 525 Décor Patchwork
Concrete Slate Grey reproduction - 354 Concrete Slate Grey reproduction
Relief glass, black - 092 Relief glass, black
Artisan oak reproduction - 367 Artisan oak reproduction
Sierra oak reproduction - 198 Sierra oak reproduction
Vintage oak reproduction - 393 Vintage oak reproduction
Champagne travertine reproduction - 394 Champagne travertine reproduction
Terrazzo grey reproduction - 396 Terrazzo grey reproduction
Verso reproduction - 395 Verso reproduction
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