Combined Kitchens

Discover the variety of combined kitchens. Make your kitchen unique. When we say any of our kitchens can be mixed and matched at Kutchenhaus, we actually mean it. With our collection, you can allow your imagination as well as your talent for design free reign. By mixing for example two kitchen door fronts together you create an interest and finished look, which is totally unique.

Flash 455
Riva 896
Structura 401
Touch 334
Structura 400
Touch 386
Flash 450
Colour Concept 355
Structura 400
Touch 340
Colour Concept 355
Speed 239
Speed 206
Touch 899
Laser 416


Be inspired by our unique and vivid colour schemes. Colour is a powerful design tool that completely alters the mood of a kitchen. It can change your perception of the space, making it feel wider and brighter, and it can draw the eye towards features worth highlighting. And, of course, it’s a terrific way to express your personality.

In the past, consumers have had a apprehensive approach to colour in the kitchen but now Aqua blues, greys and darker colour concepts like concrete and bronze are proving to be a big hit – though that doesn’t mean you can’t be brave with kitchen colour, you will even see yellows and orange being used to create some stunning kitchen designs. Once you have chosen your base colour the tone is important too, for example we now have three different versions of white and a premium white will reflect more light and make a space look bigger and brighter than a standard white kitchen.

When choosing an accent colour remember that complementary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel and will create a striking feature with a vibrant feel, while colours that are near each other on the wheel will give your scheme a more relaxed feel as “Colours affect emotions, create moods and influence our attitude toward life. Choosing the right kitchen colours ultimately what sets the tone for the unique atmosphere that you are looking for. Whether understated, dominating or used selectively as accents – with our collection you can allow your imagination and inner designer free reign.

New stylish colours and the colour palette of our COLOR CONCEPT bring innovative design possibilities…” and are a fantastic way of choosing to add just a splash of colour.

At Kutchenhaus we are sure together we will find the right colour scheme to suit your kitchen design, we also have over 50 kitchen worktop colours to choose from to suit any of our stylish kitchen’s, and if you can’t decide why not mix and match colour styles to create a truly unique, high quality German kitchen that is designed bespoke to your needs.

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