At Kutchenhaus we have Solutions made to meet your highest standards. German products are renowned for their quality and reliability. Because Kutchenhaus is owned by nobilia, the worlds`s largest kitchen manufacturer, quality is one of the key points of all our products. To us, quality is the silver lining to every step, be it in planning, order processing, production or customer service. Every kitchen we deliver contains the utmost precision from start to finish.
Strombolian light reproduction - 215 Strombolian light reproduction
Caledonia - 266 Caledonia
Black - 186 Black
Maracaibo light décor - 316 Maracaibo light décor
Rusty plates reproduction - 265 Rusty plates reproduction
Arizona pine reproduction - 220 Arizona pine reproduction
Solid granite reproduction - 371 Solid granite reproduction
Metal art décor - 226 Metal art décor
Taxus reproduction - 347 Taxus reproduction
Pettersson reproduction - 359 Pettersson reproduction
Stem oak reproduction - 225 Stem oak reproduction
Vintage copper décor - 117 Vintage copper décor
Black granite décor - 344 Black granite décor
Ponderosa pine reproduction - 204 Ponderosa pine reproduction
Slate grey - 194 Slate grey
Gladstone oak reproduction - 325 Gladstone oak reproduction
Ontario oak reproduction - 196 Ontario oak reproduction
Slate décor - 066 Slate décor
Concrete Slate Grey reproduct. - 354 Concrete Slate Grey reproduct.
Grey slate reproduction - 373 Grey slate reproduction
Oxid décor - 319 Oxid décor
Ferro bronze décor - 355 Ferro bronze décor
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