Do i need to take a picture of my kitchen?
Pictures are helpful during the beginning of the project, especially, if you don’t have a blueprint. Upload your pictures instead of a blueprint under "My Account" section inside the Blueprints tab. It would be helpful, if you could include approximate measurements on these pictures. Once precise measurements will be needed, our designer will come to your house to take them.
What is the purchase flow?
Kutchenhaus website makes kitchen shopping easy. First, find out your preferences through our kitchen wizard, browse through our catalogue, located under the solutions tab. Then you may either directly schedule an appointment with a kitchen designer, or build your kitchen using the online 3-D planner.
Where to start?
Watch our short tutorial video that will help you to get started:

Do i need a blueprint?
Blueprints significantly help our professionals to understand measurements and assist you in building your dream kitchen through our 3D planner. They serve as a starting point for the project. Blueprints can be uploaded in the "My Account" section, once you’ve registered or logged in. However, it’s not mandatory to have a blueprint.
I have a general question - where can i get help?
General inquiries about the brand "Kutchenhaus" or the manufacturer "Nobilia" can be addressed by email at hello@kutchenhaus.co.uk
Do i need to sign a contract to purchase a kitchen?
Yes, since we manufacture each kitchen individually, a contract has to be signed. If you are purchasing a kitchen online, you will have to sign a digital contract using the DocuSign system/website.
How can i get in touch with an actual kitchen designer?
By submitting a form in the link provided, a kitchen designer from our nearest location is going to get in touch with you. https://www.kutchenhaus.co.uk/contactus
Is there a contact form regarding the website-related questions?
Yes, we provide a contact form. hello@kutchenhaus.co.uk
Why should i buy appliances together with the kitchen?
We understand that ordering a kitchen can be a long and tedious project, but we did our best to make buying process convenient and simple – there’s no need to browse through different catalogues, search for different suppliers, and look for designers, because we offer it all! Additionally, we ensure the best fit and finish if appliances are ordered with us.
Why schedule an appointment?
If you feel that at least one question ticks your box, please schedule an appointment:
  • Having individual design-related concerns that were not solved digitally?
  • Something design-wise isn't working out for you as expected?
  • You prefer to order kitchens in person and discuss it with a professional?
How to schedule an appointment?
An appointment can be scheduled online from the drop-down menu of the planning tab at "meet with a designer". Simply fill out the form and an assigned designer will get back to you shortly.
Is there any human kitchen designer reviewing and fixing my kitchen design?
Yes, but only if you submitted the 3D planned kitchen for approval. Be sure to submit the planned kitchen first. Keep in mind, if you additionally uploaded a blueprint or pictures of your kitchen, it will be much easier and quicker to review and fix the kitchen for the designer.
I made a mistake regarding the sizes of the kitchen within the 3d planner. Can this be fixed?
Yes, but you will have to get in touch with our kitchen designer to fix the mistake. You can either do that by scheduling an appointment, or by filling out this form: https://www.kutchenhaus.co.uk/contactus
When do i get to know the delivery date?
The delivery date will be communicated and agreed upon with your kitchen designer.
Can I buy additional appliances after I'have already placed my order and paid for it?
Additional products can be purchased as a new order, but it's unlikely they will be a part of the first delivery. Please contact your kitchen designer for more information.
Are there any options regarding the installation?
If it is required, Kütchenhaus will install your kitchen.
Where do you deliver?
We deliver to all mainland UK locations. Your delivery will be operated by the closest Kutchenhaus store, which you’ve chosen during the registration process. Make sure to add and double-check your delivery address in the "My Account" section.
I have working appliances, can these be refitted into a new kitchen?
Typically they can, if they conform to some common rules. To be on the safe side, please discuss the refitting of appliances with a kitchen designer during the process.
Is it possible to choose other brands of household/electric appliances?
Our designers are always very happy to help, as Kutchenhaus offers a whole variety of different options, thus, in case you have any special requests or would like to consider every option we offer, schedule an appointment and feel free to discuss everything with an appointed designer.
What brands of household appliances are available?
All kitchens are brought to you by Kutchenhaus – a brand of high quality german kitchen manufacturer. Appliance-wise, many major brands, such as Bosch, Siemens, and others are available. These can be chosen during the design process.
WHy should I design my kitchen through the 3d planner?
The 3D planner helps you and the kitchen designer to visualize and understand your needs and desires. The 3D planner will allow you to clearly visualize the look & design of your new kitchen and appliances.
Does my design have to be 100% Accurate?
No. Try your best to get started and let our designer refine your 3D kitchen plan according to your input and uploaded blueprint/pictures.
Do my measurments have to be accurate?
No, they can be approximate at first. However, if you didn’t upload a blueprint, measurements must be taken on site, to ensure the kitchen fits.
What if i'm experiencing problems with the 3d planner?
If the problem persists, schedule an appointment with a kitchen designer here: https://www.kutchenhaus.co.uk/contactus
If i can't finish my design - will I have to start all over again?
Absolutely not. We save your work throughout the designing process. Once you are ready to return to 3D planning, just log back into your account and press "continue my previous planning" to pick up where you’ve left.
How can I design my own kitchen?
Your dream kitchen can be designed in our 3D planner, located under the "Planning" tab. In order to access the 3D planner, you need to create an account with us. If you are unsure how to use the 3-D planner, please see our tutorial video:
My plan was approved, but i need some advice before checkout?
You may schedule an appointment with our kitchen designer, even after your plan was approved. If you feel that you need to discuss something, just schedule an appointment.
Where are my favourite objects in the 3d planner?
Objects that you marked as favourites in the ”Solutions” section are there to help you understand your preferences, but they are not added to the planner. You may schedule an appointment with a designer, and build a kitchen together based on your preferences only, if you don’t wish to use our 3D planner.
Why can't I place outlets higher?
Height of outlets is pre-determined at a certain level above the floor. You can add electrical connection on the floor or on the walls instead.
Is it necessary to add connections (such as oulets,water connections,etc.)?
It is recommended to do so, since it affects the positioning of certain appliances, such as sink, dishwasher, and etc. If you've uploaded a blueprint prior to finalising your plan, our designer will be able to fix any errors related to connections based on that blueprint.
How can i change the interior outlook?
Floor, Walls, and other interior solutions can be changed under the "Build -> Design" tab, as shown on the screenshot:
Why some articles are deleted once i change the kitchen model?
Some articles (such as refrigerators, select base units, etc.) belong to different kitchen styles. Since kitchen should be assembled in one style, once you change the model, those articles that don’t belong are deleted, others are changed to fit the chosen model.
How can i add other furniture such as tables, chairs, and etc.?
Other furniture is found under the "Ornaments" section:
How can i add lighting?
Lighting, such as ceiling or standard lamps are found under the "Ornaments" section:
How can i add handles to all units?
Handles are picked and added on the "Furnish -> Design" stage:
What should i do once i'm done?
Press the "finalise your plan" button:
What if I changed my mind after i've completed a purchase?
We offer a 14-day money-back policy if you’ve changed your mind, or your kitchen needs to be modified after the designer’s approval. However, please note that we do not provide any refunds once delivery and manufacturing has begun.

You can't find the answer?

You can't find the answer?

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